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Magnificent Art in Lisbon – Part Four: Eastern Art

…continued from Part Three… One of the most remarkable aspects of Portuguese history is the fact that they were able to establish trade links with the Far East.  Considering the dangers of sailing in the 15th century, it is truly astonishing that they got a foothold in India, China and Japan, where they not only traded, but were able to…

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Views and Cenotaphs: Lisbon’s Pantheon

Church of Santa Engrácia, Igreja de Santa Engrácia, Lisbon, Portugal There is an old joke in Portugal; if something is never completed, it’s like the Santa Engrácia works (Obras de Santa Engrácia).  The poor Santa Engrácia.  Construction started in 1681… and wasn’t finished until 1966.  That is quite an achievement in procrastination. There is a legend explaining why the church was so…

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Skimming the Surface of Portugal’s Maritime Glories in Lisbon

The Maritime Museum, Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal Portugal has such an awesome maritime history that I was really looking forward to visiting the museum dedicated to it.  Situated in the western wing of the Jerónimos Monastery down at Belém, the setting also seemed pretty perfect for learning more about the amazing Portuguese explorers of the past. In fact, the history of…

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