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Escalade Part Four: Night Procession through Geneva

Continued from Part Three In Geneva, Switzerland; 9th/10th December 2017 On Sunday 10th December, Saturday’s events celebrating the Escalade are repeated, and in the evening the weekend’s celebrations reach their climax.  Over 800 people form a procession that marches through old Geneva, looking truly majestic in the dark, with flickering torchlight to guide their way.  It was raining most of…

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Escalade Part Three: The Militia on Manoeuvres

Continued from Part Two In Geneva, Switzerland; 9th/10th December 2017 As there were going to be some re-enactments for the Escalade just outside Geneva Cathedral, we made sure we were in the Square in time.  First we were treated to a sword fight.  The man on the right was also explaining what they were doing, which was interesting, in that…

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Escalade Part Two: Geneva Old Town

Continued from Part One In Geneva, Switzerland; 9th/10th December 2017 The City of Geneva began to celebrate the Escalade in earnest in 1898 with the formation of a Geneva Patriotic Association, renamed in 1926 as the Company of 1602.  The group is in charge of the commemorations, ensuring that all is dignified and accurate, and they organise the reenactments in the…

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