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Continuous Tradition, Evolving Style: Christian Art in Athens

Byzantine and Christian Museum, Βυζαντινό και Χριστιανικό Μουσείο, Athens, Greece Having attempted to write an ill-fated PhD dissertation on early Christian art, I have a somewhat difficult relationship with the subject.  One the one hand, I find the whole subject of creating a visual language for a new religion fascinating, and on the other hand I associate it with the…

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Exquisite Ancient Worlds: Basel’s Ancient Art Collection

Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, Basel, Switzerland Recently, Sister-Chickpea asked me why I’d never ended up writing up a post about the Basel Museum.  Honestly, it’s because I’ve had such a backlog of posts to write, I’d forgotten about it.  Then I found out that they were closing many of the galleries to…

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Ancient Worlds in Stockholm Part One: Greece & Rome

The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden Clearly if a town has a museum dedicated to the ancient world, I’m there.  And I’ll probably be there for a long time.  And I was at the Mediterranean Museum for much longer than I expected –  and still didn’t see the entire collection.  I totally missed the Islamic section,…

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