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Magnificent Art in Lisbon – Part Four: Eastern Art

…continued from Part Three… One of the most remarkable aspects of Portuguese history is the fact that they were able to establish trade links with the Far East.  Considering the dangers of sailing in the 15th century, it is truly astonishing that they got a foothold in India, China and Japan, where they not only traded, but were able to…

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Magnificent Art in Lisbon – Part Three: European Art

…continued from Part Two… This part of the series on the National Museum of Ancient Art will focus on the European works by some well known, and some less well known, painters. Spanish Works Italian Works Dutch and Flemish Works For many, the star of the museum collection is the weird and wonderful Bosch telling the tale of St Anthony…

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Magnificent Art in Lisbon – Part One: the Sculptures

National Museum of Ancient Art, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisbon, Portugal Sometimes I worry that maybe I’ve become a bit jaded – maybe I visit too many museums, and maybe that’s why I don’t always find them as exciting as I hope. But no.  It’s not me: it’s them. Before going any further, I should clarify for the English…

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