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Athens’ National Archaeological Museum Part Two: Gods and Mortals

…continued from Part One… The incredible collection of statues in the National Archaeological Museum shows the continuation of the Greek efforts to create three dimensional figures, first to depict deities, then to commemorate individuals. I know that a lot of people don’t like Archaic art – that is, the style that was in vogue before the Classical style, which is…

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Roman Life in all its Forms in Lyon’s Lugdunum Museum

Lugdunum Museum, Lugdunum Musée, Lyon, France If you first approach the Lugdunum Museum from the base of the Roman Theatre, you may be struck by the bunker-like quality of the architecture.  Depending on your aesthetic sense, your heart may drop.  You may get a flashback to the days of the Cold War.  You may think, ‘Why?  O why?’ But don’t…

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