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Views and Cenotaphs: Lisbon’s Pantheon

Church of Santa Engrácia, Igreja de Santa Engrácia, Lisbon, Portugal There is an old joke in Portugal; if something is never completed, it’s like the Santa Engrácia works (Obras de Santa Engrácia).  The poor Santa Engrácia.  Construction started in 1681… and wasn’t finished until 1966.  That is quite an achievement in procrastination. There is a legend explaining why the church was so…

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Looking Down on Dinky Dubrovnik: Views from Srđ Hill

Srđ Hill, Dubrovnik, Croatia Now, I’m not good with heights.  Or anything that involves sheer drops.  Or anything shooting across a sheer drop via some puny wires. Every trip into Dubrovnik old town involved, at some stage, a point towards the cable car running up to the top of Srđ Hill.  Every time Sister-Chickpea and I would speculate about the…

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Bringing in the Cows of Albeuve

In Albeuve, Switzerland One of the most beautiful aspects of the farming life – from the point of view of a townie who doesn’t do any of the work – is the consistency of the traditions by which farmers regulate their year.  Transhumance – that is, taking the cows up the mountains to feast on the grasses in summer and…

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