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The Stage Is Set: the Roman Theatre of Orange

Roman Theatre of Orange, Théâtre antique d’Orange, Orange, France As part of my summer trip to the South of France, after over twenty years of eager anticipation, I finally made it to the Roman Theatre in Orange.  And, crushingly, I was disappointed. The theatre is widely publicised as being one of the best preserved Roman theatres of Europe, but somehow it…

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A Day at the Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera, A Ópera Chinesa, Museum of the Orient, Lisbon, Portugal I am fortunate enough to have visited a number of wonderful exhibitions in my time, but only a few of them have had a profound effect on my life.  This one on Chinese Opera at the Museum of the Orient is in my top five most influential exhibitions.  On the…

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The Romans Come Alive in Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica, Switzerland Perhaps I should start by saying that I spent about eight years of my life studying Roman history.  This may give you a clue as to where I stand with Roman sites.  The prospect of visiting Roman towns really makes me stupidly happy, and I have blissfully trawled through municipal museums looking at fragments of Roman life…

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