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Faces of Sundborn: Carl Larsson Portraits in the Parish Hall

The Carl Larsson Portrait Collection, Carl Larssons porträttsamling, Sundborn, Sweden The portraits are of local citizens who were involved in keeping village life ticking over.  Larsson painted these ‘fine villagers’ for the parish of Sundborn, and donated the portraits to the village in 1916, with the condition that they remained there and were not moved.  This has clearly been a struggle,…

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Serving Sundborn: A Special Swedish Church

Sundborn Church, Sundborns Kyrka, Sundborn, Sweden Situated on a picturesque spot by Lake Toftan are two little red buildings.  These are the church and bell-tower of Sundborn, both covered with wooden shingles, and both sitting charmingly by the water.  Although it presents a very traditional Swedish image from a distance, when you get closer, you notice small, ‘modern’ touches, like the…

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