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The Saviour of Dubrovnik: St Blaise Church

St. Blaise Church, Crkva Sv. Vlaha, Dubrovnik, Croatia The sweetly pretty little church dedicated to Saint Blaise (St. Vlaho in Croatian), is a popular hub of Dubrovnik.  It’s an extremely picturesque spot, situated at the end of the Stradun and even the swarms of tourist groups that hang around there don’t completely stifle the charm. St Blaise is Dubrovnik’s patron saint –…

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A Search for Spirituality in Glasgow’s St Mungo

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, Glasgow, Scotland Mankind has created some of its finest art for religion, so the idea of having a museum dedicated to Religious Art was very appealing.  The museum, right next to Glasgow Cathedral, opened in 1993, and exhibits objects relating to the world’s major religions. It aims to “explore the importance of…

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