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Turrets and Saints: Montpellier Cathedral

Cathedral of St Peter, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, Montpellier, France From the outside, the Cathedral of Montpellier is probably one of the most peculiar I’ve ever seen.  In fact, it really doesn’t look like it should be a cathedral, not least because the ecclesiastical building joins on almost seamlessly with the university building to its side. And somehow, it does suit Montpellier.…

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Magnificent Art in Lisbon – Part One: the Sculptures

National Museum of Ancient Art, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisbon, Portugal Sometimes I worry that maybe I’ve become a bit jaded – maybe I visit too many museums, and maybe that’s why I don’t always find them as exciting as I hope. But no.  It’s not me: it’s them. Before going any further, I should clarify for the English…

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