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The Surprising World of Roman Nyon

Roman Museum of Nyon, Musée romain de Nyon, Nyon, Switzerland As you walk around the museum, it is very striking to see just how intertwined the town’s Roman heritage is with its present.  Not only is the structure of the museum actually within the foundations of the Roman basilica, but many of the objects on display name the street that they…

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Augusta Raurica Museum Part Three: Peeing in the Kitchen

Continued from Part Two Upon turning left at the main entrance of the museum of Augusta Raurica, a swish automatic door opens and takes you back to the Roman world.  Well, a version of it, anyway. It’s modelled on the urban villa-type from Pompeii.  It has an interior courtyard surrounded by porticoes and while there is a small garden, there…

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Little Archaeological Treasures in Lausanne

Cantonal Museum of Archaeology and History, Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire (MCAH), Lausanne, Switzerland The centrally located Palais de Rumine, a great big building on the Place de la Riponne, is home to five local museums.  On the first floor is the little Cantonal Archaeology & History Museum.  It looks at the archaeology of the Lake Geneva region from 15,000 BC onwards,…

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