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MUTSEU: St Eulalia’s Treasures

Museum of the Treasury of St Eulalia, Museo del Tesoro Sant’Eulalia, Cagliari, Sardinia One of the most interesting things about visiting Cagliari, for me, was the fact that a lot of the precious objects created for churches are still in, or very close to, those churches.  This made visiting their associated museums quite fascinating, in that you are getting to…

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MUTSEU: All about St Eulalia

MUTSEU, Cagliari, Sardinia Sometimes, museums over-complicate things in the way they name themselves.  Take this MUTSEU, for example.  The grand acronym implies a complex of sites which are drawn together under a simple title.  But no.  MUTSEU consists only of two elements in the same building – the archaeological site beneath the Church of St Eulalia, and the church’s Treasury.…

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