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Simple and Stately: Mora Church

Mora Church, Mora kyrka, Mora, Sweden Right at the end of Mora’s main shopping street are two of its main attractions: Zorngården, which is dedicated to local boy, Anders Zorn, and a grand church.  I say grand, but it’s not grand in a south European sort of way – it’s grand by Swedish provincial standards.  And that makes it charming…

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At Home With Mr & Mrs Zorn in Mora

Zorn’s House, Zorngården, Mora, Sweden Behind the yellow-painted timber walls of this modestly sized house, lies the delightful home of Anders Zorn and his wife Emma, right by the Mora Church.  Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside, nor are you really allowed to linger, because you have to take guided tours.  This isn’t an ideal combination for me,…

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