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Roman Life in all its Forms in Lyon’s Lugdunum Museum

Lugdunum Museum, Lugdunum Musée, Lyon, France If you first approach the Lugdunum Museum from the base of the Roman Theatre, you may be struck by the bunker-like quality of the architecture.  Depending on your aesthetic sense, your heart may drop.  You may get a flashback to the days of the Cold War.  You may think, ‘Why?  O why?’ But don’t…

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Public Performance: the Archaeology of Roman Lugdunum

The Theatre and Odeon of Lugdunum, Lyon, France France is blessed with many fine Roman archaeological sites.  So many cities in the south of the country have ancient origins and by just walking around the streets you can see evidence of the Roman period in dramatic remains like amphitheatres, or more mundane sights such as reused stones in houses. On…

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