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The Glories of Greece in Athens’ Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum, Μουσείο Μπενάκη, Athens, Greece In a beautiful white neo-classical house near the Greek Parliament and government offices, there lies a vast collection of beautiful and fascinating objects which show off the glory of Greek life through the ages.  This is not a state museum, underfunded and showing the need for investment, but a fine example of what all…

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Athens’ National Archaeological Museum Part One: Establishing Greece

National Archaeological Museum, Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο, Athens, Greece When you’re in a city like Athens, you can’t help but feel spoilt for choice when it comes to museums.  In fact, I found it almost overwhelming trying to decide which were the must-visits of our week in the city.  The National Archaeological Museum was clearly top of the museum list –…

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Exquisite Ancient Worlds: Basel’s Ancient Art Collection

Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, Basel, Switzerland Recently, Sister-Chickpea asked me why I’d never ended up writing up a post about the Basel Museum.  Honestly, it’s because I’ve had such a backlog of posts to write, I’d forgotten about it.  Then I found out that they were closing many of the galleries to…

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