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A Day at the Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera, A Ópera Chinesa, Museum of the Orient, Lisbon, Portugal I am fortunate enough to have visited a number of wonderful exhibitions in my time, but only a few of them have had a profound effect on my life.  This one on Chinese Opera at the Museum of the Orient is in my top five most influential exhibitions.  On the…

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Finding Treasures in Kelvingrove in Glasgow

Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow, Scotland Standing majestically in the middle of lush greenery, the red-stone Kelvingrove Museum looks like a museum.  It opened in 1901 and and was refurbished in 2006, displaying its wide and varied collection thematically.  There are sections on stuffed animals, paintings, the Egyptians, Mackintosh… in short, it’s almost like an enlarged cabinet of curiosities, with a few…

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Hepburn + Givenchy = Preetty

In Morges, Switzerland So I’m perfectly aware that no one is able to now visit the exhibition I’m about to write about, but I hope that maybe it might be useful to those of you who, like me, find out about an exhibition too late/that’s too far away and wonder what it was like. The town of Morges happily trades…

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