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Mulling over Mulled Wine in Mulhouse

In Mulhouse, France Tucked in the corner by Germany and Switzerland, Mulhouse has a history that is closely linked with both of these countries.  A part of Switzerland for over two hundred years, and under German control after the Franco-Prussian war, the cultures of these two countries have left a mark on what is now firmly a French town. We…

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A Hidden World of Elves in Valkenburg

In Valkenburg aan de Geul, the Netherlands I love Holland.  I love the unexpected little gifts it gives you.  I mean, here you are, headed to a little random town in the south of the country, specifically because you’ve read on some tourist site that they have a quirky Christmas market in a cave.  You think maybe you’ll be in…

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Christmas in Gamla Stan

In Stockholm, Sweden The Great Square Christmas Market (Stortorgets Julmarknad) has its origins in the old medieval markets of Stockholm.  It’s been in this same spot every year since 1837 (with a brief window from 1907-1914, when it didn’t run at all).  Therefore since 1915, it has been a constant presence in Gamla Stan, and you couldn’t get a more perfectly…

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