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Magical Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral, Chester, England There are some cathedrals which you go into and think ‘nice’; there are some that make you think ‘bleh’.  Then there are some that you just don’t want to leave.  Chester was one of those.  The longer you stayed, the more there seemed to be to see.  It’s hardly surprising considering that the building dates from…

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Roman Life in Chester’s Grosvenor Museum

The Grosvenor Museum, Chester, England The Grosvenor Museum was opened in 1886 through the energy of the Chester Society for Natural Science, Literature and Art, which had been founded in 1871 by Charles Kingsley, the writer of The Water-Babies, who was a canon of Chester Cathedral at the time.  Joining forces with the Chester Archaeological Society and the Schools of Science…

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A Day in Chester

Chester, England Ever since I was a wee-mid-teen, I’ve wanted to go to Chester.  I studied Roman history for my A-levels and we had to do a section on Roman Britain.  Chester, with its excavations, featured in my studies in such a way that I had rather a romantic image of it.  I mean, Britain is not exactly blessed with…

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