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Christian Lacroix Curates: Mirabilis

Mirabilis Exhibition at the Popes’ Palace, Avignon Staged in a grand hall in the Popes’ Palace in 2018 was an exhibition which highlighted the treasures found across Avignon’s five main museums and galleries: the Petit Palais, Calvet, Requien, Roure and Lapidaire.  What made it rather special was the fact that it was curated by Christian Lacroix. Despite the fact that…

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The Collector of Avignon: the Calvet Museum

Calvet Museum, Musée Calvet, Avignon, France Like other museums in Avignon in 2018, the Calvet had their collection raided for an exhibition at the Pope’s Palace by Christian Lacroix.  I had thought that this sounded like the most interesting museum in the city, but I think maybe Mr Lacroix’s excellent selection of goodies somewhat depleted the Calvet… The building itself…

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Dancing on the Rhône: Avignon Bridge

St Benezet Bridge, Pont Saint-Bénézet (Pont d’Avignon), Avignon, France Sometimes I’m a little baffled by life.  When I suggested to Mama-Chickpea that we go to Avignon in the summer, she randomly started singing at me.  Apparently, this song was “Sur le pont d’Avignon“, a tuneless ditty she’s been forced to learn some fifty years ago at school, and had inexplicably refused…

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