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Augusta Raurica Museum Part Three: Peeing in the Kitchen

Continued from Part Two Upon turning left at the main entrance of the museum of Augusta Raurica, a swish automatic door opens and takes you back to the Roman world.  Well, a version of it, anyway. It’s modelled on the urban villa-type from Pompeii.  It has an interior courtyard surrounded by porticoes and while there is a small garden, there…

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Augusta Raurica Museum Part Two: Perfection in Silver

Continued from Part One So – following the delightfully presented exhibition on children and Roman life in Augusta Raurica, the museum continues with a further room on the unpromising-sounding Kaiseraugst Treasure.  I’m not that interested in things made of ‘precious’ materials, because they’re usually quite gaudy, it’s hard to see the details, and altogether they can be just too blingy.…

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Augusta Raurica Museum Part One: A Peek into Roman Lives

Augusta Raurica Museum, Switzerland The museum of the Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica is a little gem.  Yes it’s small, but the quality of the local finds is so amazing that it makes for an extremely interesting and fun place to visit. Actually, the museum consists of three parts: in the picture above you can see that there are doorways:…

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