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Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder: Looking at Beauty in Athens

The Countless Aspects of Beauty Exhibition, “Οι αμέτρητες όψεις του Ωραίου“, National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece The vast and incredible collection of ancient artefacts in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens is almost too overwhelming.  Literally every room is packed full of incredible objects and what a joy it is to explore. However, the museum clearly doesn’t have that much…

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Continuous Tradition, Evolving Style: Christian Art in Athens

Byzantine and Christian Museum, Βυζαντινό και Χριστιανικό Μουσείο, Athens, Greece Having attempted to write an ill-fated PhD dissertation on early Christian art, I have a somewhat difficult relationship with the subject.  One the one hand, I find the whole subject of creating a visual language for a new religion fascinating, and on the other hand I associate it with the…

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