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In the Footsteps of Gladiators: Nîmes Amphitheatre

Arena of Nîmes, Arènes de Nîmes, Nîmes, France One of the finest surviving amphitheatres from the Roman world, the Arena, as it’s called locally, is an astonishing structure.  If you have been lucky enough to have seen the Colosseum in Rome, then you’ll see similarities: they are both grand, yet quite dinky, they are both insanely photogenic and they both help…

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Keeping the Romans Alive in Chester

Chester, England Two significant Roman remains sit side by side just outside the city walls: the Roman Gardens and the amphitheatre.  There isn’t a lot to see.  There’s no sugar-coating it.  But they are worth a potter. Roman Gardens Dating from the 1950s, the Roman Gardens were created to display the larger fragments from the legionary fortress at Deva.  Between…

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A Day in Chester

Chester, England Ever since I was a wee-mid-teen, I’ve wanted to go to Chester.  I studied Roman history for my A-levels and we had to do a section on Roman Britain.  Chester, with its excavations, featured in my studies in such a way that I had rather a romantic image of it.  I mean, Britain is not exactly blessed with…

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