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MUTSEU: St Eulalia’s Treasures

Museum of the Treasury of St Eulalia, Museo del Tesoro Sant’Eulalia, Cagliari, Sardinia One of the most interesting things about visiting Cagliari, for me, was the fact that a lot of the precious objects created for churches are still in, or very close to, those churches.  This made visiting their associated museums quite fascinating, in that you are getting to…

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Finding Treasures in Kelvingrove in Glasgow

Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow, Scotland Standing majestically in the middle of lush greenery, the red-stone Kelvingrove Museum looks like a museum.  It opened in 1901 and and was refurbished in 2006, displaying its wide and varied collection thematically.  There are sections on stuffed animals, paintings, the Egyptians, Mackintosh… in short, it’s almost like an enlarged cabinet of curiosities, with a few…

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A Hidden World of Elves in Valkenburg

In Valkenburg aan de Geul, the Netherlands I love Holland.  I love the unexpected little gifts it gives you.  I mean, here you are, headed to a little random town in the south of the country, specifically because you’ve read on some tourist site that they have a quirky Christmas market in a cave.  You think maybe you’ll be in…

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