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Stockholm’s Medieval Past Unearthed

Museum of Medieval Stockholm, Stockholms medeltidsmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden Ah, the Middle Ages!  They are so creepy, so fascinating, so… Swedish.  Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense, but in my little brain the medieval world is summed up in ‘The Seventh Seal’ – a Swedish film.  Not that you get to play chess with Death at this museum, but you do…

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Avoiding the Jester in Bremgarten

In Bremgarten, Switzerland It’s not often that history geeks like me get to indulge their geekiness, and it’s really not often that we get to experience the past in a way that feels almost authentic.  Every year in the northern Swiss town of Bremgarten, people who are trained in the crafting skills of the Middle Ages come together to demonstrate…

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