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Pipes and Aqueducts: All About Roman Water in Nyon

““ÇA COULE DE SOURCE!”: Aqueduc et histoires d’eau dans la Nyon romaine” at the Roman Museum of Nyon, Musée romain de Nyon, Nyon, Switzerland Running until June 2019, the Roman Museum in Nyon has an interesting, thoughtful exhibition on the use of water in the Roman world. Anyone who likes the Roman world will, in part, be basing their positive…

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Hepburn + Givenchy = Preetty

In Morges, Switzerland So I’m perfectly aware that no one is able to now visit the exhibition I’m about to write about, but I hope that maybe it might be useful to those of you who, like me, find out about an exhibition too late/that’s too far away and wonder what it was like. The town of Morges happily trades…

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