Gods and Time: Exhibition on the Sun, Moon and Stars in Basel

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Sun, Moon and Stars Exhibition, Museum of Culture, Basel, Switzerland

The excellent Museum of Culture regularly holds exhibitions which help to highlight certain themes within its collection.  When I visited, they had an interesting exhibition which looked at the way the universe shapes people on earth – from the way we create calendars, to the gods we worship.

Because of the amazing depth of their collection, you get to see works that are both ancient and modern, with everything in between.  It’s great to see a mix of cultures, from Mayan and Aztec objects, to Indonesian calendars.  I also thought it was nice that they also included some items from Switzerland, like the calendar frame and time-keeping equipment.

So In Summary

The exhibition had some very interesting objects, and presented some fascinating insights into the way people across the world do basic things like keeping track of time, or depicted myths.  There really isn’t much more to say!

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