What’s New, Doc? – A Preview of the New Palace Museum in Narbonne

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What’s New at the Palace? Exhibition, Narbonne, France

With the opening of a new museum on Roman Narbonne, NarboVia, in 2020, the Palace Museums complex decided to show off some of its collections that have been languishing away from the public gaze.  Since the Roman objects will be leaving the Palace, their place will be taken by others plucked from the 40,000-odd strong archives and in that sense, this was a mini-preview of what is to come.

There isn’t much to say, except that it’s great that Narbonne is going to get an opportunity to show off more of its collection and history.  The importance of the city since the Roman era should make it a real cultural hub that draws international crowds.

So In Summary

This eclectic mix of interesting objects certainly whets the appetite for Narbonne’s hitherto neglected treasures.  There really isn’t anything to add, except that I can’t wait to go back to Narbonne in 2020 and see what they’ve done to the museums!

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