MUTSEU: St Eulalia’s Treasures

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Museum of the Treasury of St Eulalia, Museo del Tesoro Sant’Eulalia, Cagliari, Sardinia

One of the most interesting things about visiting Cagliari, for me, was the fact that a lot of the precious objects created for churches are still in, or very close to, those churches.  This made visiting their associated museums quite fascinating, in that you are getting to view the items almost in situ, and can easily imagine how richly decorated the churches used to be, before the need for conservation and protection forced the removal of the most precious objects to more secure locations.  You appreciate the amount of money they must have had to get some of the works they did – whether expensively embroidered vestments or sensitively painted polychrome statues, they have some marvellous items.

So In Summary

It is interesting to see the treasures of this small church in Cagliari.  For a start, it’s wonderful that they still have them, but it’s also great to know that the objects you see have a direct connection with the site you’re standing in.  An absolute must see?  No.  Honestly, we only took as long as we did because we were in a reflective mood – other visitors literally walked around at a quick pace around us and left.

Further Information & How To Get There

Please click here for the information on my MUTSEU post.

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