MUTSEU: St Eulalia – A Church of Many Colours

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Church of St Eulalia, Chiesa di Sant’ Eulalia, Cagliari, Sardinia

Surprisingly, there isn’t much to the Church of St Eulalia.  Its origins go back to 1365, when the Catalan-Aragonese dedicated it to Barcelona’s patron saint.  The building underwent many changes over the centuries, and then in the 1990s the floor was torn up because they had a damp problem.  In trying to sort that out, they discovered the well in the site below and in turn unleashed a whole archaeological site.  The church’s other treasures are in their museum.

So here we are, left with quite a simple church, with not a lot to see, but with some very funky windows, bathing their respective chapels in different colours.

So In Summary

If you’re visiting the archaeological site, then it’s worth popping into the church, because there are some nice details.  However, the opening hours of the two places don’t necessarily tally, so if you can’t get there, as you can see, you won’t have missed that much.

Further Information & How to Get There

Please see here for information on my MUTSEU post.

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