Amalienborg Palace: Attics Full of Love

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From the Danish Royal Family’s Lofts and Cellars Exhibition, at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the reasons why I wanted to write this post, even though it refers to a trip I made a long time ago, is because I wanted to share the temporary exhibition that was on at Amalienborg during my visit in December 2016.

Basically, the Queen and the royal family’s curator chose objects from the royal storerooms.  About 2000 items showed the variety of objects that the royals hoarded and inherited.  The result was that you really did feel like you were snooping around their house, and it added to the experience of seeing the intimate-feeling studies in the main body of the Amalienborg Palace.

It’s also nice to see that even royal families find it hard to throw stuff out.

So In Summary

We were sort of hurrying through the museum as it was near closing time and we’d spent much longer there than we’d intended.  There was a book on the exhibition, which I wish I’d got, because I really wish I could have a better idea of the stories behind the objects that were chosen to be on show: some weird, some wonderful, and some simply touching mementos of family life.  The fact that the Queen was involved in the exhibition made it all the more special and shows her connection to, and understanding of, history.  And it was jolly nice of her to want to share with us.

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